Media strategy

  • Disseminate and advertise WSHD 2020 in every social and professional network (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) or media, if possible.
  • Use the #WorldSexualHealthDay2020 or #WSHD2020 or #SexualPleasureCovid or #PlacerSexualCovid (in Spanish) tag in your posts, create visibility for your projects and initiatives.
  • In order to establish synergies with “The Pleasure Project” worldwide we can use the tag #pleasurematters, #sexysafersex and #pleasureisprogress.
  • Take pictures, tag them so that we can use in our social media (e.g.,;
  • Use the standard logo above as well as this year’s logo.

Contact Information:

  • E-mail:
  • Twitter: @SexualHealthday (in English) @DiaSaludSexual (in Spanish)
  • There will be an independent website and
  • Don’t forget to like and share the official Global WSHD Facebook pages (English and Spanish versions): and


  • WSHD is a global and voluntary celebration, the possibilities are limitless;
  • A good strategy of promotion is to try to involve celebrities, government officials and politicians in the activity that you organize;
  • In the state of Jalisco, Mexico, World Sexual Health Day has become an official day in the state calendar, as well as in the province of Chaco in Argentina. On the page there will be a proposed text to approach local, state or national authorities

Possible activities:

We will upload resources and proposals on the website

  • Create #WSHD2020 photography, poetry, tales contests;
  • Create a #WSHD2020 challenge and involve everyone in a virtual challenge using your social networks page;
  • Organize talks in universities and organizations open to anyone interested;
  • Invite sexuality education advocate(s) to celebrate and share their experiences with you, involve them.

Topics to be addressed

We propose to focus this year’s objective on sexual health and sexual rights in the confinement situation, due to the new global situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) that requires special attention due to the confinement measures, distance social and hygiene measures recommended for its control, as well as the sanitary, social and economic consequences after the de-escalation of the aforementioned measures to return to normal life.

Our goal is to provide a frame of reference that puts the focus of sexual health, sexual pleasure and sexual rights on laws, politics, public health, education and clinical practice for their protection and the promotion of gender equality and the respect for sexual diversity.