July-Aug 2019

Plan the activity that you would like to carry out in accordance to your cultural needs, translating all the needed information to spread the idea (such as a press release).

July-Aug 2019

Select the location(s) to carry out your activity to celebrate #WSHD2019

August-Sept 2019

Contact all the possible media (Magazines, Television, Newspapers, and Social Media Influencers) in order to start spreading the idea.

Prepare all the materials and human resources that you'll need such as the banners and posters of the suggested activity or the photographers who would be willing to take pictures. Be sure to include the logo and information of WAS everywhere you can, as well as the logo and slogan of WSHD.

September 4, or around this date

Take the initiative(s). Take all the pictures that you can to document your activity. Upload them to the WSHD global Facebook page as well as the articles that are published about the activity in local media.

24th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health

World Association for Sexual Health