World Sexual Health Day 2020: Sexual Pleasure in Times of COVID-19

This is Session 3 of WAS Conversations, a monthly series on Advancing Sexual Health and Sexual Rights for ALL, this time in collaboration with Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters and The Pleasure Project.

On this occasion we are celebrating World Sexual Health Day, a WAS initiative that has been celebrated for the past 11 years. We are inviting our members and likeminded allies all over the world to organize local events to reach a wider audience.

The theme this year is "Sexual Pleasure in Times of COVID-19" combining the Declaration of Sexual Pleasure of the 24th WAS Congress in Mexico City in 2019 and the current Pandemic.

See the Declaration here:

Six prominent activists and experts in the field of Sexual Health, Sexual Rights and the importance of Pleasure will discuss how we have been able to reach this point and what we need to do in the future.

"Drawing upon inspiration from definitions of sexual health that emphasize the possibility of sexual pleasure and engaging with recent consensus on the need for sexual rights as fundamental human rights, we argue that now is the time to incorporate sexual pleasure into this vision. Amidst public health priorities, renewal goals of international development, and vast technological change it is our hope that we can strive to address the importance of pleasure as a key component of sexual health and sexual rights" Program in Human Sexuality, UMN.

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